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FOTD: Basic Face

My friend Chard’s tweet was about how it was sad that “basic” is now used to mean something negative, and I agree! I, for one, tend to go for mostly basics when it comes to clothes, and though I love colors in my make-up, I tend to reach for my basics the most. Anyway, here’s a basic face for ya. I had to do office stuff + bank stuff, so I obviously wasn’t going to wear vampy~ lips or a smoky eye. Haha. I mean, I could have, but I didn’t. So there.

FOTD - Basic Face
This photograph is funny because I took it in the bathroom!

There’s really nothing remarkable about this makeup look, aside maybe from the part where I used my blush as a lid shade (over the cream eyeshadow), mainly because I was too lazy to rummage through my stuff for a light lid shade… and maybe the cutesy purple liner that didn’t even translate well on my lids. You disappoint so herd, Marc Jacobs liner!

Anyway, I forgot how much I love MAC’s Mehr! Such a gorgeous matte formula, I love you again.

FOTD Basic Face - Products

Products Used

Skin Care/Prep: LUSH Tea Tree Water, One Love Organics Morning Glory Brightening Complexion Booster, Kosé Suncut Water in UV Protect Essence SPF 50+ PA++++

Base/Face: NARS Sheer Glow (Punjab), NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (Ginger), NARS Powder Blush (Orgasm), NYX Powder Blush (Taupe)

Eyes: K-Palette Real Lasting 2Way Eyebrow (G101)*, LUSH Cream Eyeshadow (Sophisticated), NARS Powder Blush (Orgasm), MAKE Matte Eyeshadow (Khaki)*, Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon ((Plum)age), Le Métier de Beauté Anamorphic Lash Mascara (Midnight)

Lips: MAC Matte Lipstick (Mehr)

And that’s that! This pan of Orgasm is making me panic because I still haven’t hit pan and it makes me think about just how much blush I have… All the more reason to do a beauty purge!

* Items marked with an asterisk are PR Samples.

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  1. wefadetogray says

    Hi Carina,
    how is the Kose Sunscreen? How does it work as a rpimer? I have noticed that the sunscreens I use (chanel, dior snow) make my skin look very greasy and my foundations, upon applying, oxidizes into a darker, orangier, brownier, color. I also notice I have to apply a lot more foundation in order to even out my redness since my sunscreens sheer my foundations down a lot. Do you have a favorite sunscreen? what would you recommend?

    • Hello! Like most sunscreens, the Kosé one tends to look a little greasy, but the formula is much more watery than usual Western sunscreens. Japanese women usually like their face to look a bit watery or dewy, so that’s kind of the effect they go for, I guess! I actually don’t have a favorite one… they’re all kind of bothersome because I don’t like how they feel on. But I also don’t like the thought of sun exposure, so I deal with it!

      I think you ought to wait a while after applying sunblock before using foundation, so that it’s not so slick on your skin. I also like applying a matte-ish primer (like Hourglass Veil Mineral) after sunscreen and before foundation to make it not so greasy-looking.

      For a more matte finish, I found that the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch is a good one and Celeteque makes a matte moisturizer with SPF 30. Hope that helps!

  2. Preeeeeeeeetty! I’ve been going for a more basic face as well lately heh. Actually loving the eye look! Complements the lips nicely 🙂

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. The Sartorial Coquette says

    love this look!! i use a lot of the same nars products you do – except for the sheer glow foundation which i really want to try soon! also, if you love the mac lipstick mehr i recommend that you try pink plaid – it’s a pretty natural pink ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

    • I love Sheer Glow! Definitely something I recommend at least getting a sample of. 🙂 Thanks for the rec!

  4. You’re right nowadays basic may mean reduced to the minimum or downsized to save on quality and expenses…but with make up, there’s also a golden rule, that is less is more. And in fact the prettiest looks I’ve seen usually tend to ‘I’m almost wearing nothing’ rather than layers or colors. You look great in your basic version by the way.

  5. That makeup bag is so adorable! I love this basic look. It makes you look beautiful from within and that’s the best kind of makeup. I also hate that basic has become such a negative word, this proves that there is still good from such a word. I love this basic look.

  6. Ganda! This look somehow reminds me of Jennilyn’s makeup in English Only Please. Sobrang basic lang pero ganda ❤

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  8. I feel the same re: “basic”. Hanggang ngayon, feeling ko, di ko pa din totally naiintindihan yung new meaning nang basic.

    On NARS blushes, they’re sooo extremely compacted. I can’t remember how many times I’ve used Mata Hari but until now, I can still see the tiny ridges I usually see on new pans.

    • Gets ko siya in theory, pero parang na-sad lang ako na yun na meaning non haha.

      Grabe hahaha pano yan, pano ko sila uubusin T^T

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