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Favorite Finds of 2014

Hey everyone! Here’s a quick post on some of my favorite finds this year. I had a really, really hard time narrowing down my picks because, frankly, 2014 was a great year of discovery for me, as far as beauty products and cosmetics are concerned. I’ve mixed in fragrance and skin care picks, as well as other products I really wanted to mention that I really loved as well. Let’s start with makeup!

Currently Obsessed: Aromateria

OK, so I’ve just written up a post on my main blog, Nothing Spaces, where I went on and on… and on about Aromateria. Aromateria is a local brand that makes solid perfumes. I was such a big fan of LUSH’s solid perfumes, annoying packaging aside, and I particularly liked Dirty, which is incidentally such a clean and fresh scent. I first heard about Aromateria from Sheena, who Instagrammed a few scents two years ago. I know both Eliza and Wiji are fans, too.

3CE Gel Eye Liner

Super Fave: 3CE Gel Eye Liners

Hey, all! I thought I’d surprise you guys with a post dipping into my Korea shappeeeen disaster haul starting with these beautiful gel liners from Stylenanda’s cosmetics arm, 3CE or 3 Concept Eyes. (Speaking of hauls, is that something you’d be interested in seeing? I’m thinking of filming a video, but I’m not sure if people are into that. Let me know!) I recently called 3CE (or 3 Concept Eyes) my happy place and this is a preview of why that is. I had to tear myself away from Seoul because I wanted to buy all of the 3CE Gel Eye Liners (among other things…), and I’m a little proud of myself for settling on just two.

ILIA Beauty - Multi-Stick, Tinted Lip Conditioner, Lipstick, Mascara, Lip Crayon

ILIA Roundup

ILIA Beauty, a “green beauty” brand, has steadily become one of my favorites these past few months. After first trying out the Multi-Stick and the mascara, I have somehow accumulated five of their tinted lip conditioners, three lipsticks, and a lip crayon. I don’t know how that happened either. Because I purchased them so quickly, I don’t think I have been able to really speak about them, besides the standard “I like ’em!” This isn’t really going to be a full-length review on every single one of them (mostly because I’m not in the mood to wax poetic), rather a sort of overview of each of the items I have managed to try.

Favorite NARS Bits

While I’m miles away on vacation, allow me to share with you a few of my favorite bits from NARS. I think you can tell that NARS is one of my favorite beauty brands. If I could pick just one brand to use for the rest of my life, I can pick NARS and not even feel bad about it. Anyway, like most established brands, NARS is a bit intimidating to approach if you’re a new buyer. Here are a few of my favorite items from them, not including skin care or brushes. Mostly because I forgot, lol, but I quite like them, too. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer — I’ve never loved a concealer as much as I love this one. I have it in the shade Ginger, but Custard works well for me. It is easy to blend, packs on a lot of pigment, and doesn’t look cakey. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation — One of my favorite liquid foundations! It’s a medium coverage foundation with a slightly dewy finish and a great range of …

My Favorite Matte Lipstick Formulas

Hey everyone! Before I left for my pretty extended vacation, I thought I’d whip up a post showing you my favorite matte lipstick formulas. I’m pretty picky with lip products, though my stash may not seem like it. I figured out, for example, that I’m not really into very glossy lips or frost finishes. I’m pretty okay with satin or creams, but my (second) favorite kind of lip is a matte one. I think it’s because I have pretty full lips anyway—shininess just exaggerates my pout and not in a way that I appreciate. I know mattes have a reputation for being fussy, so here are my favorite formulas to help you maybe find yours. Now, there are a lot of “matte” lip products that only masquerade as such. These picks on my personal list are pretty much shine-free. I’ll list them from great to best. Ahem. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipsticks These are my first introduction to matte lipsticks. They are creamy, but not shiny, and they pack a lot of pigment. My first …

Quickie: Some Eye Bits from MAKE

I have already waxed poetic about the MAKE Colour Palettes (Post-Impressionism, Aether*, Celeste e Verde*), but let me tell you a bit about their other bits! For the non-palette obsessed lot of you. 🙂 Today, I gots a matte eyeshadow called Khaki* and the Transforming Eye Primer* both of which are totally up my alley. (What alley, you say? This alley. What do you mean this is not an alley…?)