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FOTD: Ginger Lily

A quick Face of the Day using a long-forgotten love—my Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes! I have the 2012 version, and it was my first big palette purchase and I fell in absolute love with it. To Me, You Are Perfect kind of level. I think it still might be my favorite palette, if not after the NARS NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette, released earlier this year. Anyway. The look is pretty simple, despite what this long-ass intro might lead you to believe. I think it’s pretty and soft and suits this bold-ass orange lip by Flower Beauty called Ginger Lily, which is the orange lipstick that made me swear off orange lipsticks. And then it grew on me—go figure! For the eyes, I used a MAC Paint Pot (Groundwork) for a base on the mobile lid, blended a little past my natural crease. For my lid color, I used Vanilla Nuts, a creamy off-white matte from the palette, all over the lid. I deepened outer ‘v’—just the outer ‘v’!—with a beautiful shimmery chocolate brown called… …

20 Days of Lipstick: Week 4 Recap

And the last week of 20 Days of Lipstick is late and ends on a Tuesday. Mostly because I didn’t want to extend it for another week (i.e. prolong the recap and post next Sunday), just because I ran out of days for lipstick-wearing. Anyway, ahem. DAY FIFTEEN feat. Le Métier de Beauté Hydra-Crème Lipstick in Signature I got this in the first Le Métier de Beauté Beauty Vault VIP box, when they had yet to launch the Hydra-Crème line, and I would never have picked this for myself. Mostly because I don’t believe that reds look all that good on me. I’m glad I got this, though, because I think it might be my favorite “real” red (in case Guerlain’s Orgueil is too purple to count for all y’all. The formula is fantastic, too, if anyone was wondering. Especially for a matte lipstick! I forgot how much I loved this one, to be honest.

Drugstore Finds: Flower Beauty Kiss Stick High Shine Lipstick in Ginger Lily

I’ve been eyeing the Flower Beauty line ever since it came out, but I obviously can’t get any of that over here, unless I go through a reseller. In a fit of “need to buy something,” I bought some things—just 3—from the Flower Beauty range, and here are my thoughts on this “Kiss Stick High Shine Lipstick.” If you are in Manila, in search of Flower Beauty, look no further than Bon Marche. I tend to shy away from warm colors—especially for lip products—because they pronounce my “yellow-ness” and I don’t like looking too warm. Don’t get me wrong; I like being tan, just not warm. Ginger Lily isn’t so bad, though I bought this on the off-chance that it would be a dupe for MAC’s Betty Bright (it isn’t), and I honestly kinda like it despite that obvious mismatch that I should have caught anyway. Ginger Lily seems to be a reddish coral. The pigmentation is superb, but the formula is so creamy that you need to take very good care of where you …

Stash Shopping No. 4b

Here’s a semi-new stash. I decided to keep the eye products in rotation, because I’d like to play with them some more. I just added some more transitional lipsticks into the mix, in preparation for Fall. Which we don’t really have here, but still. To see more details on last week’s stash, click here. Here’s a photo of it: Here are the lipsticks I added for use this week. Seems like a lot, but let’s see which ones I’ll actually use: Swatched from L-R: MAC Impassioned, Flower Beauty in Ginger Lily, YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in Rose in Tension, Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in RD305, Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait in Gourmandise I picked dark brights and deeper neutrals, if that makes sense. What’s on your to-use list this week?

Drugstore Finds: Flower Beauty Color Play Crème Shadows in Orchid-ing Around and Vine of the Times

I’ve been eyeing the Flower Beauty line (yes, Drew Barrymore’s makeup collection!) for the longest time, but I finally decided to bite the bullet a couple of weeks ago when I saw some lipstick swatches that looked remarkably like MAC’s Betty Bright. That turned out to be a dud dupe, but a great lipstick by itself. The Color Play Crème Shadows were always high up on my list of things to try, so I bought two of them as well: Orchid-ing Around, a blackened orchid shade, and Vine of the Times, a pretty light green. Both have shimmer in them, though the green looks like a cream. Swatches, L-R: Orchid-ing Around and Vine of the Times First up is Orchid-ing Around. Although it probably looks scarier, it’s actually the “safer choice,” since it’s close to being a black. As mentioned, it is a blackened orchid with quite a bit of glitter/shimmer, though it’s not anything chunky. I thought this would be an interesting base color to layer some lighter shades on top of. These cream …