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BECCA Beach Tint in Raspberry

The BECCA Beach Tint is quite an expensive find, but one that I’ve been looking for for so long. I went to Adora to pick one of these beach tints up, but after purchase I found out that the mark-up was nearly double the original price. I would love to buy more of these, but I might have better luck online, since the price mark-up is so high and that’s the only retailer I know in Manila that carries the brand.

However, after everything that’s been said, I highly recommended the Beach Tint and I don’t regret this purchase.

I haven’t extensively used this until I went to Japan on vacation. I wanted to keep my makeup bag light and portable and I succeeded, somewhat. I wanted to bring this because it is a multi-purpose product, for use on the lips and cheeks. It is also supposedly waterproof (which explains the name).

It was when I was on vacation that I appreciated the versatility, ease of use, and overall greatness of this product. I got the beach tint in the shade Raspberry, which is one of the deeper, berry-est shades. It might actually be the darkest shade in the whole line, but don’t quote me on that.

BECCA - Beach Tint - Tube

It comes in a squeeze tube similar to the OCC Lip Tars, and also similarly, you only need a drop of product for a decent amount of pigment.

BECCA - Beach Tint - Tiny Swatch

(The swatch is so small because I am saving every last drop of this liquid gold.)

It’s such a great product, I want to sing it praises.

BECCA Beach Tint

I know this isn’t the best beauty shot (lol), but you can see how visible but natural this tint is on the cheeks and lips! I apply one dot on each cheek, and one on the lips. Longevity of wear is pretty excellent. Oh, say hi to Sarie and the sakura. 🙂

The formulation tends to separate, so sometimes you have to shake it up to kind of mix up all the liquids inside. When I went to Japan, which is a great deal colder than sunny Manila, the Beach Tint came out as kind of a cream. Here, it’s pretty liquid.

This is another picture in brighter light:

becca beach tint - raspberry - face

See? Flush! 🙂 Anyway, thank you very much for reading. Hope to see you here soon. 🙂

BECCA Cosmetics is cruelty-free. Read more about my personal cruelty-free pledge here.


  1. Juvy says

    Like OCC lip tars? I have OCC lip tar in Vintage. I think it has the same color as this. 🙂

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