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too cool for school’s Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion in #1 Mother of Pearl

tcfs - dinoplatz - mother of pearl

If you’re looking for a product to add a lit-from-within glow to your makeup base, this might be the answer! Or one of, anyway.

The Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion in #1 Mother of Pearl by too cool for school is a liquid illuminator that you can mix with your face base or use to highlight certain points.

Product Description: “Radiant skin that seems like 100 of fluorescent lights turned on.”
— Creates three-dimensional & natural skin through pearls by reflection & curve of light.
— 7 ingredients that contain high moisture keep moisturizing skin for hours.
— adheres to skin tightly and leaves smooth and refreshing feeling.

I don’t know about the rest of its claims—I didn’t particularly feel like this moisturized my skin or refreshed it—but I can vouch for it creating a natural-looking dewiness.

I only ever use this mixed in with my face base (1:2, illuminator:BB cream ratio) because the pump dispenses too much product for me to just use it on isolated parts of my face. I’m tempted to depot just a few pumps to use for that purpose, though I find that liquid products are generally a bit messier.

tcfs - dinoplatz - mother of pearl mix with let it b wasab

The consistency of the product is very liquid-y, and when mixed in with my BB cream of choice, makes the product a little bit easier to spread around the face. Like I said in my illuminator/highlighter inventory, there is a gasoline-rainbow type of sheeniness (lol) going on around here. That’s where the glow comes from, as opposed to actual glitter particles.

The Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion comes in two colors:

Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion

I got the lighter shade, which is apparently more suited to fairer skin tones. It is white with a sort of pinky duochrome sheen to it, whereas Baby Pink Clam seems to have a pink base and a golden glow. Wiji picked up Baby Pink Clam a few months ago, though, and said that it really leaned more to the gold side.

I wish I got that one, but Mother of Pearl seems to work okay on me, yes?

too cool for school - dinoplatz pearl bay invasion - mother of pearl - face swatches

Since I use this with a liquid base, I usually top off my face with a translucent or finishing powder, though I didn’t do that for the pictures in this post. The powder doesn’t diminish any dewiness, but it does help control oiliness because it sets my liquid-y base!

All in all, I think it’s a great, mid-range product to try out, which is awesome considering I honestly only bought this for the dinosaurs.

Manila’s first branch of too cool for school is located in SM Mall of Asia. I bought my Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion from Korea Depart for $17.57.

I have no information on too cool for school’s animal testing policy.


  1. Looks nice! I want the Mother of Pearl too–i’m hoping it’s kinda like the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl. Do they have the same texture, would you say?

    • Texture is a bit different! This one is a little bit more liquidy whereas the BECCA SSP is a little bit creamier. Just a little though. The BECCA has perceptible mica particles, though, but it’d fine when you mix it with another liquid base.

  2. The name is a little disturbing. I get the “pearl” part because it’s a highlighter, but really? Pearl Harbor (okay, “bay”) Invasion? Hahaha 🙂

    • You know, I didn’t even think of that! But you’re right, I wonder why they went with that name, though i suppose you can’t really stick “Pearl” on anything that you’ll follow up with “invasion”. Haha I think I really was too distracted by the Dinos 😦

  3. i got two samples of these (#1 & #2) and initially I don’t know what’s the use of this product because there’s no description whatsoever on the sample sachet. Anyway, thanks for the review 🙂 Btw, it looks good on you!~~

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